App Store App Adoption

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I'm sure I've just missed it in my readings, but I haven't been able to find out what exactly the "Allow App Store app adoption" option does, and doesn't do.

Any assistance or links to more information would be gladly received.


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My understanding is that is allows applications that are available in the App Store, but were not purchased/downloaded through the app store to be updated through the app store.

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I am not familiar with this setting. Where is it?

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It is part of a MDM profile, I forget which one though.

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Under the Applications tab there is an item called "Allow App Store Adoption". This is checked by default.
Uncheck this to prevent users from adopting apps that come free with your Mac.

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Hi ok thanks But I am not using Apple ids I’m using manage distribution device based so will the Mac get assigned the license and it will then update without the users interaction

If not I can script the removal and then install from Jamf

I can’t test this yet as I don’t have the computers yet

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