App store / self service

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Hi all

I want to distribute applications with the self-service but prevent (or monitor) to install other applications.

it's possible?

This is a school ... all paid applications have been purchased with VPP


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Enroll the Apple ID's in your VPP account then assign the Apps through the JSS.

Then add the app to Self Service and mark it as "Free" even if it's not. Then they should be able to get it

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yes, but how to block app store.


Assuming you're talking about iOS; The only way to disable the app store is do to so via a configuration profile option "Disable installing apps" which will then remove the app store icon and prevent the device from installing any apps from any source. (Not sure if they have changed this in iOS 8 MDM yet).

As far as I know, there is no way to block the app store specifically, as the apps downloaded by using VPP with self service, still come down via an App store connection.

- Sean


We have a computer restriction profile with "Restrict App Store to software updates only " checked off so users cant log on to the app store. Apple updates are now controlled by the app store so didn't want to disable it completely.

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On iOS there is no way to turn off access to the App Store and still wirelessly distribute apps yourself. Don't know about OS X, and your question isn't clear on which you're asking about.

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With iOS 8 and Casper 9.50, it looks possible. Needs testing...