Apple 13 inch Macbook Pro (Mid-2010) Model Unable to Netboot


Visual Symptom: in EFI after selecting a Netboot volume, the spinning globe icon appears and stays on the screen for a very long time and then it eventually just boots into the default operating system

Verbose symptom: Using Verbose Mode, Netboot hangs on "loading kernel cache x86x64kernel cache for a long time then reboots

NOTE: this is not the same as error loading kernel cache like other discussions have commented on.

Scope: This is the only model I am aware of having this issue, verified I am not having this problem on older Macs than this model and newer models than this model. Have verified that multiple systems of this model have this issue.

Symptom occurs on a 10.8.2 Netboot Image and a 10.9.2 Netboot image

Any help would be appreciated




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This is a well-known issue when the kernelcache file is > 32 MB. There are some limitations w/TFTP files > 32 MB that seem to affect older Macs. There's a solution here on JAMF Nation… search on kernelcache…

Edit: here it is, look for @Lotusshaney's script:

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Netboot images go by build and not by the OS it was built on. Compare the build of the computer you created your netboot set on to the build of the computer you are trying to netboot. If they are not in the same build list, you probably need to create a new one.

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A 2010 MBP should be able to boot from a stock (App-Store downloaded installer ) 10.8.x or 10.9.x NBI.

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on our 2010 MBPs, we have an issue where they wont netboot due to a change from a firmware update. it's essentially rendered all of our 2010 models unable to netboot and apple's response is along the lines of ... oh well


Thanks for the responses!

@RobertHammen][/url this symptom is actually not the same as the thread that you posted. That symptom is "Error loading kernel cache" I actually had the problem posted in that thread and @Lotusshaney][/url's script worked like a charm for me to fix that problem. This is a new problem

@jwojda][/url: What firmware update are you referring to? One of the Macs I am having trouble with is on Boot Rom: MBP71.0039.BOE and SMC: 1.62F7 which appears to be the latest update: