Apple Configurator 1.4 Setup Tab

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Has anyone played with the new setup tab in Apple Configurator 1.4? Here is what Apple's support kb says on the topic:

A new Setup tab in Prepare, which provides options such as:

Enroll multiple unsupervised devices in MDM without tapping each device
Complete setup assistant and enroll Apple TV in MDM without using the remote

I'd be very interested to try this, but it appears that you need to provide a certificate in order for the profile to load. Any idea's how to obtain this required certificate from the JSS?


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Do we just enter in the JSS enrollment URL? and use the Trust Profile?

I was just about to test it but iOS 7.0.2 just came out so waiting on the download.

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Jim, let me know your results. I tried entering just my URL without an anchor certificate. When I attempted to setup the iPad I was presented with an additional configuration page, but since I didn't have the cert loaded, I saw an error about not being able to contact server "null" for configuration.

My question is, how do I obtain the "anchor certificate"?

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I was told by my Apple rep that this functionality wasn't implemented yet and Apple is still developing it. Short answer is not to use this yet as it doesn't do anything.

I did test it with all kinds of different URLs and devices and was unable to get any success, so I'm inclined to believe my Apple rep that this is still "coming soon."

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I haven't tried this yet but am interested to know if it works or not.