Apple configurator Ipas enrollments error: Unable to activate Ipad

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I've been researching the best way to supervise and enroll a large number of ipads. I have created a backup of a supervised Ipad with an apple ID preconfigured and added a wifi configuration profile, a trust profile and an enrollment profile.

However when testing the enrollment I frequently see the following errors:

Unable to install profile (refers to the enrollment profile) with the following reasons:

Unable to activate Ipad. code: 4014, domain: MCinstallationErrorDomain


04/06/15 20:47:07,516 Apple Configurator[38672] DEBUG - 22096129ms <ACUConformProfilesOperation: 0x6100003ac240 { ECID = 417720405416 }> failing because <ACUProfileInstallOperation: 0x618000384ed0 { UDID = 93f74989f295546f96026976f425eba71b64818f }> failed: Error Code=14 "Unable to install profile ‟Ipad”" UserInfo=0x608000e62280 {NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to install profile ‟Ipad”, NSUnderlyingError=0x6180006502f0 ""} (/SourceCache/AppleConfigurationUtility/AppleConfigurationUtility-560/Engine/Operations/ACUOperation.m:458)

When not restoring a backup to the Ipad I get the following error:

Unable to activate. The device failed to active with a valid activation record. Description: unknown (AMDevice error = 2), code : 2, domain : com.appe.mdk.amderror

This error makes it difficult to mass enroll Ipads. Has anyone else run into this error?


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Apple Configurator has constantly been a pain in our backs, managing 650+ iPads isn't easy with it. We're switching over to DEP this summer, so happy about that.


What info is in the backup aside from the Apple ID because configurator signs in with the Apple ID that is currently in use with the App? Configurator doesn't play nice with loading the correct order of items when restoring from backup.

When you are setting up an iPad without using the backup (and sometimes just when you do anyways), try to have it load your Wi-Fi profile first. We change the name to "a_Wi-Fi *." We do the CA next, and then we do the MDM Profile.

We also restrict the App Store so we have a profile labeled "x_Add/Remove *" so that it stays at the bottom of the list.

In short, if you needed to restore from backup for other items like restrictions settings then just restore from backup (without all of the Trust, Wi-Fi, and MDM items checked), and then proceed down the list with Wi-Fi & Trust first until you're done.

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After a bit more trroubleshooting and some hints from Jamf Support I realized when creating the supervised backups I never cleared the wifi network before creating the backup. Even though the Wifi profile I apply with apple configurator seemt to work it looks the old wifi settings in the backup are used when apple configurator tries to enroll the device in MDM.

Creating the a backup with an apple id and clearing the wifi settings seems to have resolved my issues so far.