Apple Ditching discoveryd in 10.10.4



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Yeah, read about this yesterday after a colleague pointed it out.
If Apple follows through on this when they finally ship 10.10.4 it will be a good thing. discoveryd has been well documented to be one of the root causes for so many of the Wi-Fi and networking issues in Yosemite. Some developers and beta testers had reported the problems with it to Apple before they ever released Yosemite, but Apple decided to leave it in anyway.
I'm not sure if it was just because it was too late in the development process to pull it out of the product or what, but hopefully in the future Apple will actually, y'know, listen to beta testers? I mean, isn't that why they let them test the product before its released? To find issues like this so Apple can address it?

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If you're in the seed program, there's a decent discussion there on this. Apple can't say much, but they've dropped some nuggets...
And FWIW, this last build is working very nicely. Just saying, it's better than about all the other 10.10's thus far...

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Got a link to the forum and discussion title to look for?

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I second that. Got a link?

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The link will only work if you guys are in Apple Seed. If that's the case, then it's in the new (14E26a) build and "Other" category.

Valued Contributor II <-must be a registered developer to access.

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I think if you have a GSX account, you should have dev access now too. I haven't tested it yet myself though.

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I have access to the dev program and registered for the Apple Seed program but I cannot see the thread that @scottb is referencing. I figured if a direct link were provided it would be easiest as you still need to log in to access the discussion. I'm not asking anyone to break NDA.

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OK, this seems to be a good thing for a number of reasons and I'm very happy about this but, to take the discussion down a deep and dark path. At what point does anyone think that we'll gain some real manageability over AppleTVs? Perhaps the question is better posed as "Just why the heck doesn't Apple want enterprises to use AppleTVs as a method for wireless projection." I mean, discoveryd, among many things was supposed to help with the AdHoc connections to all these things on top of everything else. Now... we're back to square RC-1.2. FYI, I'm just venting as I know there's no real answer just yet and may not be soon.