Apple security updates - which to apply

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This may sound like a stupid question, but do Apple's security updates build on each other?

Meaning if I install 2016-004 Yosemite, do I have to worry about installing 2016-003, 2016-002, 2015-006, and 2015-004?

I know the combo updates are inclusive.


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The OS should determine which updates it needs - you would just need to make sure that if you're managing the updates on a NetSUS or that everything relevant is enabled. Sometimes a later OS update includes the content of security updates, so there's not always a linear order to how things need to be installed.

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It's really hard to tell for certain because, as the OS just installs the ones it needs from an apple update server and nobody downloads and installs the updates manually. That said, I believe the updates do not build on each other, but are included in OS upgrades.

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