Apple TV Display Company Logo as Home Screen

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I have recently enrolled and deployed all our Apple TV's to conference rooms. I want them to display our company logo on the home screen. This would be from the time you turn it on until someone uses it for Airplay. In many tutorials about Apple TV management I see Jamf showing that you can create a custom app for the Apple TV to display your company logo when the device is turned on and idle. It would seem that this is not a very complicated thing to develop. It is a very basic function. Does anyone have experience with this or am I going to have to bite the bullet and hire a developer?




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We use a slideshow of a few images or the Conference Display mode for the Apple TV with a custom image of the logo. That way the wifi network and airplay details are available for the users but it still shows the company logo.


tvOS with Swift isn't incredibly difficult to work with, you'll just need to give it a try. Download Xcode from the App Store and see if it's something you want to dive into. There are lots of helpful videos on YouTube,, Udemy, etc.. I know that's not the answer you wanted, but it's at least a starting point for you to see if you're going to need to hire a developer or not.

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Did you ever come up with a solution or create your own app? We have the same issue but don't want to pay $75 a year per Apple TV for a signage app just to display our logo!

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