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Good evening (or morning...or afternoon) fellow Jamfers. I have a question that, in my 8 years of Caspering, I have not been asked before. I'm debating as to whether or not it deserves some sort of trophy or other recognition.

Anyway, I guess we have a growing number of users who don't like being...taunted or teased...with invitations to upgrade to High Sierra only to find that there are policies in place to prevent them from partaking a bite of that, for now, forbidden OS fruit.

That being said, our support team is beginning to receive questions from users about "blocking" said invitation so they won't be reminded about something they can't have...for the time being.

Is it possible to block a notification like that in the App Store?

Allow me to thank y'all in advance.


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I spent a few hours last week researching this same question and found 2 work arounds. Not 100% solutions.

1) turn of Sotware update auto check and ignore the update with softwareupdate --ignore command.

2) turn off update auto check & set a dummy or fake SUS server. The computer won’t find any updates. But would get an error if they went to the App Store and manually checked for updates.

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A bit old but I believe this still works;

Just build a dmg package from the file he mentions.

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Sorry about the delayed response to you both.

Thanks VERY much. I'm going to test both of these suggestions over the holidays.

Merry Happy ChristmaKwaanzUkkah!
And Happy New Year!

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Careful with turning off software auto updates. Some security patches like MRT,Gatekeeper and Xprotect are usually installed via the setting in the background see Tim Sutton's write up here. Blocking the High Sierra notifications has been discussed at length on the forum, just do a quick search you'll find 5 or more (and counting) queries.