Apple VPP Token is expired by 3 months - Implications?

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Our Apple VPP token is expired in Jamf. If we renew this token with the same Apple Business Manager account, does anyone know what will happen to the apps we have deployed through VPP/Jamf? Will the apps be deleted off the devices automaticlally, or will nothing happen to them. We have Mac and iPhone/iPad apps being used with this.


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Hello we noticed today we cannot install Apps to our iPads, they show the following message in the console and will not install on the ipads Install app 'Google Photos' - Error: Could not retrieve license for the app with iTunes Store ID 962194608. Grant VPP device license - success: false, App: Google Photos (962194608), Error: No available licenses were found (checked 2 VPP account  >>

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The VPP token you are referring to is used to coordinate communication between Apple Business Manager (ABM) and your JAMF server.  This communication path allows ABM to report new software license purchases to the JAMF server and allows your JAMF server to facilitate the assignment of the licenses to your devices. Renewing the token will re-establish that communication path which when expired is broken. 

The licenses you have in use right now will stay assigned to the devices you have already designated them for.

Howard Griffith--Endpoint Systems Engineer--Eastern Washington University