Apple VPP web service issues?

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Is anyone in JAMF nation seeing any current intermittent issues with Apple's VPP service? We are currently on FileWave and it appeared Apple's VPP went down for an hour yesterday afternoon (for us at least). After it came back online we are still getting issues. We put in a ticket with FileWave and they said they had multiple customers having issues doing a VPP Web service : 9603 : Temporarily Unavailable reply from Apples service. During this issue device level apps wont auto install and it's showing no licenses used for most apps. We are demoing and talking about moving to JAMF totally next year (not ness. because of this issue). Was just curious if other MDM's were experiencing the same issue. I apologize if it's bad form to post here about an issue that could only effect FileWave, remove from the discussion if needed.

Ticket reply from FileWave below:

[VPP] [DEBUG] 2015-10-28 15:06:42,837 (base_client): Error when using VPP Web service : 9603: Temporarily Unavailable

Until this is resolved with Apple, VPP related deployments will not work correctly. We have created our own ticket with Apple and reached out to a few contacts to get an update as their status page does not show an issue.


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We are seeing similar issues as well.

Do you have a Apple Ticket we can reference when we call in?