AppleTV Enrollment Issue

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Hello fellow Jamfs,

Attempting to enroll AppleTvs for the first time, iPads are enrolling fine. I have a seperate Pre-Stage for my AppleTvs and manually assigning TVS to TV pre-stage I created. But when I try to enroll TVs I get "Invalid Profile" anyone seen this and any possible solutions? I'm skipping all the tvos options in the pre-stage so not sure where the invalid profile is coming from. 


Thanks everyone 


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If you have the possibility, try to use another network that is connected straight to the internet without any other services/applications (firewall, proxy..) running.

I had the same problem with AppleTVs when iPads were enrolling just fine.

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Thanks for that StadtHusum but getting same issue when trying from home internet as well. 

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Which steps of the process does it fail at?
Do you have any profiles that are scoped to all devices (and may not be compatible wiht tvOS)?

Try a different network first. Even a mobile hotspot.

It fails right after the Remote Management screen comes up. I did go back scoped all my profiles to iPads only so shouldn't any config profiles now.