Apps not updating automatically

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Good morning, 

I have all of our apps that are pushed down to the devices set to Automatically force updates. Updates are not happening. Is there a setting that I may be missing? I have spoken with a few device users and the devices are not being turned over night so the updates should be going through. Below is a screenshot of my setup for the app. 




Thank you in advance for any advice. 




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Are the devices in single app mode by chance? I don't think updates can happen if they're in single app mode

No we are not using single App mode. 

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What jamf version are you running? Ive seen similar threads to this last year - Thought that maybe it was fixed already. 

We are on version 10.31.1-t1628520988. i have tried a force update and that is not working either. 

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I'm having the same problem here. Jamf Hosted Jamf Pro, version 10.31.1-t1628520988

Existing apps aren't updating automatically, but if I add a copy of the app as a new app it comes in with the new version number.