Apps stuck in pending in device History

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Looking for some help as completely stuck.

I have a trolley full of iPads and there is 1 or 2 apps missing from each one but not all the same app. When i go to one iPad in Jamf then go to history then apps they are stuck in pending. I have cancelled all commands and updated the inventory but still nothing.

On the actual ipad they are greyed out (stuck on waiting) and when you click on one it says unable to install "app" you must purchase the app however i have way more licenses than needed so not sure what is happening.

Any ideas?


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Are you using device assigned licenses?

Try launching the App Store on the iPad, then search for the app. I've seen where the App Store is trying to download the app which makes it a user license which you don't want. Just Stop the download and Update Inventory again and it should work.

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I am having the same issue. All iPads were using iOS 11.2.6 - 11.3. Even doing an OTA Update failed to complete. Got it working by doing a manually update (plug in to computer) to iOS 11.4. Then all of those pending or failed apps...etc. completed. No other way around it I can tell. The iPads just don't update unless I connect them to computer to update them......

Now only to do this on 1600 more iPads before the end of summer.

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hey, Have you pushed a WIFI to the devices? have you power cycled the iPads? Try and remove and re add the devices to the blueprint?

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Hey, is there any easy workaround for this issue. i have 200 ipad, ijust wiped last day, some apps not installed completely. the same app is installed on another ipad. pushed inventory many times, still same issue.