Are you better off managing several vpp accounts or merge all of your sites into one site and have one vpp account?

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We currently have several sites on our JSS, and we are moving to centralized JSS service to manage all of our Macs on campus. We are wondering if we should move all the Macs & iOS devices into one site to use one VPP account to manage all the app purchases, and be able to share extra app licenses amongst all the devices, or leave things as is and keep all the sites intact, and not share the extra app licenses?

Any thoughts?


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Our experience is to use 1 VPP account, two are a hassle, but really depends on how you want to distribute content. We had 2 accounts, but apps scoped to user smart groups, and JSS couldn't figure out, and just assigned the 2 licenses of the same app to 1 user, instead of checking if that user already has that app assigned, thus leaving the license free for someone else.

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Does anyone know if you can purchase Apps at the root level (Full JSS) and actually disperse the titles to various Sites within the JSS? For an example, can 2 departments go in on a purchase of 20 licenses of the same app, to get better pricing, and then the JSS Administrator can actually assign 10 licenses to Site A and 10 licenses to Site B.

Anyone doing VPP purchasing in this method?

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This is something our organization is trying to figure out right now. I'd love to know what we come up with. I was hoping to use an account for only our site, because the person in charge of ordering has control of it.

St0rMl0rD, were you able to completely separate the accounts? According to the admin guide, the way to "assign" a VPP account to a site was to have that site selected when the account was added to the JSS. Otherwise it's applied to the entire JSS if "Full JSS" is selected instead. Can someone confirm?