Assigning via DEP does not assign to the proper to the correct PreStage

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So I've searched for this and could not find anything that pertains to my "problem" Anyway I have a test Prestage. Let's call it Test Prestage. When I assign 1 computer to it in the General Info panel of the device next to "Enrollment Method:" it gives the name of the Prestage I created. Now I want to assign multiple devices to the live Prestage I will be using. It is set at Assign New Devices. However when I go to make a Smart Group with the criteria of is "Enrollment Method Prestage:...." and select the name of my Prestage no computers show up and next to the computers info is "Collected for macOS 10.13.2 or later". Why does it do this and not show that it was assigned to the proper prestage?


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Prestage won't actually "catch" just by changing the prestage. It has to run through the actual enrollment to become part of your Smart Group.