Associate / assign user to an iOS device post enrollment

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I work for a K-12 institution. This year we have given iPads to two grade levels.
All iPads were enrolled by the tech department prior to student arriving.

I have our SIS integrated with ASM, and now enabled Apple Education Support in JSS.
I've started to import some users and classes (started with classes for one teacher and users from one building only).

Correct classes populate in the Classroom app, however I need to assign student accounts to devices in Jamf. If I have a list of usernames and device asset numbers can I mass upload this info lets say via MUT?

Right now I have manually associated two student accounts with their devices in Jamf, but obviously I'm looking for a way to automate this process.

As a side note I have noticed that the user account has the User and Location, Position field blank. As the devices were enrolled through the prestage the building and position was prepopulated, and it appears that after I manually readded the position field I saw the EDU profile being installed. Is this just a coincidance and bad timing?

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Yes, you can assign usernames, asset tags, device name and many other fields to devices using MUT. Serial numbers are used for matching.
We utilize LDAP to fill in grad year, email address, school, display name, student ID, etc., but all those can also be uploaded to jamf using MUT.
Once the username is populated, the edu profile comes down, if that user is in a class synced from Apple School Manager

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Once I had the device serial number and username in the correct format, I was able to use MUT.

Thank you.

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So I have a related question. It is possible to "Require Credentials for Enrollment" as part of the Mobile Device PreStage settings. If you do this, the user will be associated to the device in JSS automatically.

Is there a way to allow users to enter their credentials post-enrollment to associate the user to the device in JSS?

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@mmcallister No it only works during DEP enrollment