Auto-enrollment with already deployed Mac

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We've been deploying Macs for years and just recently setup our Apple Business manager account and am pushing that inventory into Jamf now with autoenrollment prestage. Most of our Macs are already enrolled manually, however, there are a handful that fell through the cracks.

I've scoped some of these to the prestage enrollment, however it appears that this enrollment package is only applied when the Mac is initially setup such as right after a fresh reinstall.

Is there a way to roll this out to those remaining Macs silently? I suppose I can send user invitations, however would like to just autodeploy if possible. Thanks.


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Not possible I guess?


Not silently, but you could send user invitations or have the users do a "sudo profiles renew -type enrollment" in Terminal. With the last few years of changes to macOS and SIP, any enrollment is going to require some user interaction unless it is kicked off during the setup assistant.