Auto Update Magic 2.0

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Hi everybody,

I've completely rewritten "Auto Update Magic," my guide to methodically distributing third-party software updates using AutoPkg, AutoPkgr, JSSImporter, and the Casper Suite, in case you're interested. The new guide focuses on a standardized software distribution cycle that looks like this:


In particular, I think large companies which want to carefully test new software updates in small batches before deploying to the rest of their company will appreciate the changes I've made.

Also new to version 2.0 is the fact that the updates are powered by a client-side LaunchDaemon rather than a recurring Casper policy. This greatly reduces the noise in the Casper policy logs, and makes it easier to troubleshoot.

If anybody's already using the Auto Update Magic workflow I presented last year at JNUC, I'd love to know your thoughts about this new version. Feel free to reply here with your thoughts, or open a GitHub issue if you have suggestions or ideas.

Auto Update Magic is available here:




P.S. Note that Auto Update Magic still installs updates silently. If you'd rather actively prompt people to install software as it becomes available, you might want to check out Patchoo instead.


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looks comprehesive thanks @elliotjordan, will see how my workflow matches up!

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@elliotjordan One thing I noticed is that the Office 2011 blocking apps in haven't been updated. The last few updates from Microsoft have not needed apps closed while they run. They've been applying on the next open. Not a huge issue, but it may be worth updating that chunk of the script.

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@McAwesome I'm using the blocking applications from the MSOffice2011Updates.munki recipe, with the exception of web browsers because the -DisabledAllQuit.jss recipe makes that unnecessary.

Which of the newest updates have not required quitting Office apps? If you're upgrading from an older version like 14.1.0 or 14.4.2, is it still true that you don't have to quit any apps?

I'm inclined to leave the blocking applications, because there's no guarantee that Microsoft won't add a "quit all apps" requirement back into 14.5.6. Better safe than sorry.

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@elliotjordan If memory serves, they stopped requiring other apps close around 14.5. I know none of the Office 2016 apps(15.x.x) need others to close. Still, it's better safe than sorry.

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Yeah I think it was 14.5.1 or .2 that actually removed the all_quit requirement.