Automated Device Enrollment sync failing

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Hi there,


I hope someone can us a hand with this issue. 


We've just realised that the devices that have been added to AMB for the last couple of weeks haven't been added to Prestage Enrollment in Jamf. 


We haven't done any changes on our Jamf account but we've seen that tis problem is happening since we deactivated the only user that had the "Device Enrolment Manager" role in ABM. This user has been enabled today but we still experience this problem.


This is an error that we've found in the Jamf logs:


DeviceEnrollmentProgramException[responseCode=403, responseBody='FORBIDDEN', message='An error occurred during oauth token refresh']


Any idea about this error?


Thanks in advance!


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Have you rebooted your JAMF servers since this issue? There was an issue mentioned before regarding ABM syncing and JAMF, and restarting the server was supposed to resolve that issue.


Is your token expired?

Settings > Global Management > Automated Device Enrollment > Apple Business Manager

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Hi guys,


Thanks for your answer. The problem was that we deactivated the user that issued the token in ABM. We've created a service account to avoid this happening in the future and we issued a new token.


Thanks for your help!