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I found this website with what appears to be really good info on how to disable Time Machine. It's dated March 2021, so I tried the first one anyway (Prong 1), and neither the sudo command, nor the MDM Profile work. The sudo command sudo defaults wri...
I push Microsoft Authenticator to all my iPhones as a managed VPP app.I want to set a configuration to disable App Lock in Microsoft Authenticator. How do I obtain the PLIST necessary to do this? Jamf says "For help generating the PLIST file tor pref...
I'm seeing a appearing in Applications on my computers. File content shows something about, which has to do with Defender. Any idea why this file is getting generated?
Is it possible to edit the default/built-in iOS wallpapers? I would like to create a section for my company's provided selection of wallpapers.
We have just over 1,000 iPhones in Jamf for our staff. Our staff are responsible for repairs themselves by contacting Apple directly. We have experienced some very confusing and convoluted issues with Apple in this regard, and I'm still unclear how t...