Automated Enrollment / DEP / PreStage

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My Automated Enrollment / DEP workflow has been pretty solid during our testing...but as of this evening, certain aspects are not running the way it has been in the past few weeks of testing. I don't know if its because of testing on the same device multiple times or what.

During set-up assistant we turn off all screens expect Location Services, however last night during testing it prompts to set the time zone and does not display location services.

Then it boots to the log-in window (type in username/password) instead of loading Finder and running DEPNotify automatically. This never occurred prior. (there is no login window setting set during DEP only after to disable auto login and change to username/password fields.

My PreStage settings:
β€’ Account Settings - Prefill primary account info: custom details, a variable to use the USERNAME from LDAP and lock primary account information.
I don't know if this would affect anything

I unchecked "use existing location information, if applicable" and made no difference it seems.

any ideas? we are on the latest release of Jamf Pro cloud

thank you in advanced.