Automated ticket creation to Jira from Jamf Pro

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I'm curious to know if there is a way to automate ticket creation in Jira based off machines that fall into scope of a certain smart group? For example if a machine falls to a smart group that has a criteria of 'FileVault not enabled' a jira ticket would then be created and I can assign to my peers accordingly. Im curious if anyone is currently doing this?

Our current Jira version is 7.2.x ( I know its old, not my team...)



@Avocajoe did you ever figure out how to do this? It's a great idea!

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Not sure if this is of value, but you can have an alert triggered from Jamf Pro via email that Jira could then scrape? 06352136e0a24651a519ba7352ae9ca1

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Following this as it's of interest to our team.

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It would be amazing to have the ability to use a webhook in addition to email for membership change notifications.

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The webhook is

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If someone has a documentation guide on creating/streamlining this type of process that would be great as it is a terrific value-add!

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Hi Folks

Someone found a solution for this. I was able to create the webhook config in jamf (pretty easy) 

I was able to create an incoming webhook rule in Jira JSM but have some trouble how to go ahead with the additional fieds. The automation is triggered fine when smartgroup changes, but cant read the data from jamf and dont create a ticket in JSM