Automatically allowing app notifications in macOS 10.15 Catalina

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With Catalina, it appears an app's actual ability whether or not to provide the user with notifications now needs to be allowed by them either when they first log in or when the app first tries to send one.

I've so far not been able to find a way of automatically allowing notifications from specific apps in the Notification Centre via the command line. From doing a snapshot of what files change when choosing to allow or disallow notifications, it appears these decision are stored generally in /Library/Application Support/ApplePushService/aps.db, which doesn't look to be easily editable, and probably in the user folder as well.

I was wondering if anyone else has had any success with auto-allowing these, perhaps via a config profile, or whether this is something for a Jamf feature request?

Please see the attached image of examples of this for Microsoft AU Daemon and NoMAD, appearing immediately upon the first login.



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This should help:

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Superb, thank you very much for that link!

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Oh, I'll definitely use that link. So far in testing I've been using ProfileCreator. Just a heads up: 10.14 and earlier will interpret the profile as iOS only, so you'll want to scope it to Catalina-only.

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I put together a How To article for the new Catalina Application Notification Banners. I will show you how to test, troubleshoot and manage Application Notifications. I use both ProfileCreator and Manage App Notifications.bash.

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Awesome guide, thanks dude! @Classicll

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Hello ! I've made a quick guide here to create manually a Configuration Profile with a Plist. So you can upload it in Application & Custom Settings.
I'd be more than happy to have a feedback and updates about that if someone find a better way to manage it.
Hope it helps :)

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I have tried this from Jamf 10.21.0 with a profile with the custom settings from the JSON schema. Domain written as "", but it does not work. When I install the app afterwords, it still askes for access to send notifications.


@soren_comm2ig I am having the same problem but with Jamf 10.25.1. Where you able to find a solution?