Automatically Assign Student-owned iPads to Mobile Device Group

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We will have over 300 student-owned iPads next year. Devices will not be Supervised or on DEP. We will send out the Mobile Device Enrollment Invitations via email. I have already created the Static Mobile Device Groups. Once their iPads get enrolled and on the JSS I will move the iPads to their desired Groups.

Question is: Is there a way to have their iPad automatically assigned at enrollment? In prior years, we were using Meraki MDM and I was able to add a tag at enrollment. Say John Doe was in 8th grade, I'd send an email to jdoe@XXXX and tag him with the 8th tag at the same time. Once his device hit the MDM he automatically began receiving Profiles and free apps began installing automatically. With the JSS, I really can't find a simple solution to do this automation. I have to wait until the device gets on the JSS, go into my Static Mobile Device Groups, click the Assignments tag, find the desired iPads, check them, then click Save. Surely there's some way to tell the JSS that when I send an invitation to jdoe@XXX he is going to be in the 8th Static Mobile Device Groups??


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I think static groups need something in the DB already.

All you have ahead of time is an email address? Will they be an LDAP user or will a JSS user object be created? If the latter you could create the users ahead of time and utilize static User Groups instead.. If the former, is there a grade level attribute coming over from LDAP?

Alternatively you could create Mobile Device smart groups that specify 'email address is' OR 'email address is' etc.

Do 8th graders have a different email address format? If so this could be used in a couple of different ways for criteria.

Can you share some more details of your environment?


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When you send out invitations you can then create smart groups based on the invitation email address.
Enrollment Method: User-initiated - invitation
You could probably do something clever like create a single email address that was for a distribution list for each year that expanded out into the actual list of recipients. It would show in the JSS as it should allow you to create a smart group with the criteria.

Enrollment Method: User-initiated - invitation -- is ---

The only issue is probably that it would have to be able to be used multiple times so maybe someone unintended could get it and enroll I guess.