Automating install MDM profile

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Hi everyone,

We are about to move from Jamf Now to Jamf Pro, we have around 60 macs that can't use automated device enrollment "DEP" and about 25 that are DEPed .. I'm thinking to automate installing MDM profile on those machines after removing the old management profile of Jamf now, anybody has done something similar ?

My initial thoughts are

For UAMDM is to download the enrollment profile of Jamf Pro, package it and put it in a random folder like desktop then use this :

open /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Profiles.prefPane ~/Desktop/enrollmentProfile.mobileconfig

That would lunch the profiles pan and prompt the user to take an action.
my silly question here is how can I specify where to download that profile to "e.g Desktop" and then execute that script ?

For DEP machines, I can package this script and execute it :

sudo profiles renew -type enrollment

Any thoughts or suggestions I would be thankful.