I have jamf-pro version(10.25.1-t1602899070) and I'm unable to push my MDM profile into Big Sur RC Mac

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Im relatively new to JAMF/MDM. I have upgraded a catalina machine to Big Sur Release candidate and m not able to install my MDM profile pushed from JAMF pro server version 10.25.1-t1602899070.
Can someone shed some light which version of JAMF-pro server supports it or it when will the new version be ready for upgrade? Attached is the screenshot I saw when tried to install MDM profile on Big Sur mac


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I run into an error like this when trying to reenroll a machine that is already enrolled or was previously with a non-removable MDM profile. Have you ruled that issue out?

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Yeah, per your screenshot it appears the device is already enrolled. [Why] are you attempting to enroll again?

In addition, Jamf believes they have same-day support for Big Sur: https://www.jamf.com/blog/macos-big-sur-same-day-support/

Not that they specified any specific version or anything else.

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Was told we need to update to 10.25.2 which hasn't been released yet.

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any new information about this issue?

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I'm having the same issue as you @pshaik .
How did you resolve this? like in your screenshot, Even though it has installed the MDM as part of the DEP process, it is not managed on our system and self service doesnt show, Terminal commands not understanding the syntax and i cannot install the Quick Add either. Am i missing something here?

Any help would be great. Thanks.