Autopkgr Automation Help

New Contributor

Howdy All!

I have been working with autopkgr and I have everything configured enough for it to run almost hands free, but I have 2 main things still missing that would complete the automation process.

Issue #1
I am having a hard time getting autopkgr to clear old policys for new ones when its updating an existing software update policy. For example, I will create a policy for firefox 87, but until I clear the policy it will not create nor edit the policy when firefox 88 is released. This requires manual work removal on patch days for autopkgr to run properly. Is there something that could fix this that would not require this extra step of manually deleting policies for new ones?

Issue #2
Not as major as the first one, but is there something I can add to a policy template xml file that would add client side restrictions automatically to the policy to specify days/time it can run in?