Azure AD joined macs

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Hello folks,

Some big wigs are looking at moving off of local AD and onto Azure AD. The PC side has pulled up a giant list of challenges that will need to be solved for, and I am looking to do the same for our macs.

Anyone have experience with managing Azure AD users on macs? Even better if you have experience moving from one side to the other? Lastly any big pit falls I should make sure to solve for before we move if the decision is to go?


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The JumpCloud guys are pretty knowledgable in this area, might want to give them a shout. They'll have hands on experience on how it relates to Macs as well.

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I have had numerous discussions with our Microsoft rep regarding binding our Macs directly to Azure AD. The answer is no not possible!

We still need to bind our Macs to our internal AD server, which syncs up to Azure AD.

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We have been looking for a cloud hosted AD and we tried Azure, but like @stevevalle said, Macs will not bind to Azure AD. I have been testing out JumpCloud and we have a pretty good JAMF Nation discussion going on here about it here. It has been pretty good in testing and we have figured out a way to bind the machines to JumpCloud and allowing the machines to build a home directory directly on the machine. Originally, the JumpCloud admin had to push the user profiles down to be able to do this. It is very exiting where directory hosting is headed!