Best way to jail iOS devices?


Just curious if others are searching for banned apps and pushing custom profiles if found? If so what are you putting in the profile?



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You'll first want to think about what a meaningful way to do this is. First, what are you wanting to accomplish? Second, how do you or your teaching staff want to approach it? One way would be to have a banned app list and then if those apps are found, just have it email the dean of students in the school. They can deal with it then as a regular student behavior problem like it should be. If you need more active feedback to the student, have a smart group that looks for the app, then if found, apply a profile that locks the iPad to single app mode or to a single website.

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We do this with a couple different smart groups based on the what the app does. Some of the apps that try to bypass the filter (vpn apps, open door, etc.) we have an extremely restrictive profile that hides all the apps on the iPad, removes safari, camera, etc. Students then go to the library to have a talking to. The librarian then goes into settings and deletes the app. The next time the iPad checks in (or force an inventory update) the apps re-appear. Less troublesome apps but still ones we don't want installed we have an email sent.