Big sur and Jamf Connect


I don´t think I am the only one, but before in Catalina and earlier versions, it was possible with jamf connect in DEP deployment to login the user so a user account was created on the computer -and the user account was mdmcapable, so user certificates could be used (through ACDS)

But now in big sur accounts created in jamf connect cannot anymore be mdmcapable, as the command does not exist anymore.

So just wondering what are other doing to solve this issue ? or rather is there other workarrounds ?

I actually thought of doing a auto re-enrollment of the mac when users enter for first time, as account then will be mdmcapable. But never managed to reach the goal for this, as it may also be a bit to creative. So wondering what other are doing.

As Per today our users must create the account manually outside jamf connect starting up the first time. But not very smart way and spelling errors, wrong names etc can be entered there


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yes- Actually in same boat. Wondering if anyone has something "magic" to get this solved somehow

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i heard jamf have a work flow some clients are using, where sso is used to create the orginal logon, if you sync with azure. Once a account is created, jamf connect is installed, user restarts and logs in again via jamf connect, and this converts the local accounts. The whole workflow seems a bit converluded, but you can contact support and they will go though it with you.

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Ok its 2023 now so any beter solution available yet??