Bit Defender in composer / manifest

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Hello All,

Anyone have a manifest or instruction how to build a package for Bitdefender for mac ? I try a snapshot with composer without any success.



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Ditto: I just tried copying their pkg directly into Casper Admin and that failed too.

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Does caching the pkg locally & then installing work?

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Also wondering if anyone has come by this? Package is failing it seems.

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Running into similar issues. PKG needs to be linked to the xml provided by cloud console when downloaded. Which composer method can link the provided pkg file and xml instructions. fe0af7e2c5144d0aa64d45ad71ef4ba7

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I've seen some instances of people having issues getting the installer.xml to run. We have had success running this workflow:

  • Run the Bitdefender_for_MAC.dmg to view the contents
  • Drag both antivirus_for_mac.pkg and installer.xml to a shared folder (I used /Users/Shared)
  • Drag the folder containing the files into Composer
  • Create a .PKG from the folder
  • Upload the .PKG to Jamf Pro using Jamf Admin
  • Create a policy
  • Select the .PKG in the Packages payload and set Action to Install
  • Configure the Files and Processes payload
  • Enter "installer -pkg /Users/Shared/antivirus_for_mac.pkg -target /" as the Execute Command
  • Scope Policy to computers

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Follow this instructions but don't get it to work. I draged the folder to Composer and named the package BitDefender. When running the policy a just get a folder named BitDefender including antivirus_for_mac.pkg and installer.xml in /Users/Shared/

Have I misssed or missunderstood anything?

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Think I fixed it under Files and Processes with editing the Execute Command:

installer -pkg /Users/Shared/BitDefender/antivirus_for_mac.pkg -target /

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One problem remains in my case. Getting the BDLDaemon and Endpoint Security for Mac in place for Full Disk Access under Security.

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You’ll need to deploy a config profile to whitelist the kernel extension and to allow the privacy access.

PPC payload is available either via the separate Jamf tool, or as a payload in Jamf Pro 10.9 (released yesterday).