Black Screen and Cursor after FileVault 2 Enabling

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Hi all,

We recently enabled FileVault 2 for the organisation, but there some users reporting that after inputting their password, the screen goes black with just a cursor for anywhere between 30 seconds to two minutes before the desktop loads. This is intermittent and seems to be agnostic of OS version, it happens on anything from 10.10.5 to 10.12, but does not occur on machines without file vault enabled.

Has anyone seen this before? I've attempted NVRAM resets, SMC resets and a disk repair with no results.



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What are the environmental details? Are they wired/wireless/not on network?

I have noticed that when devices are not in office/wifi when booting it will exhibit a similar behavior. Wired does not have this happen. Haven't bothered to tackle this yet, not sure if it is even FileVault related, but wanted to share what I've seen. Worth playing with to see if there is a specific environment that triggers the behavior and then backtrack.

Good luck!

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It's mostly at the user's desks, wired network, with an external display attached. As you say, I'm not 100% sure it's FileVault related, but its only been happening since it was enabled.

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We are experiencing the same issue. Our devices are AD bound with FV. FileVault works as required but when devices are Shut Down or Restarted there is a 30 sec to 3 min delay with a Black screen after login to get to the Desktop. From a log off system works as required.