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Hey how can I block the upgrade to Mac OS Sonoma?

I know I can do it either with restrict software or a configuration profile but which way to go? And I really ONLY want to block the upgrade to Sonoma. We also have some users for instance that have Big Sur installed and if I block major Mac OS upgrades that would mean that they are also no able to upgrade from Big Sur to Ventura for instance.

So what would be the best way to accomplish that?



Main Problem here is the Option to Install the Upgrade as an Delta-Update. So the Only option you have is using the Profile. There you can Defer "Only major software updates" for up to 90 Days. This will block them for 90 days counted from Release Day of the major OS. Which means they could still Upgrade to Ventura. At least as far as our experience is indicating.
If your Users have Admin privileges then you also need to Restrict the Installer trough restricted software or they could technically just download the Sonoma Installer and run it instead of using the Update/Upgrade function.

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Someone asked a very similar question 5 days ago.

Big Sur is older so 12.3.1 it should download MacOS Upgrades as full installers, at least until a device makes it to 12.3.1. Once a device makes it to 12.3.1+ the comment below will apply.


So deferring major OS updates on Big Sur devices will not block Ventura as its well over 90 days old. 

You can search discussions for blocking Ventura, its the same. 

  • Macs running macOS 12.3.1 or newer will not download install macOS So, blocking that installer really does not do anything other stopping people who download the app manually, still a good idea to block but wont help much.
  • MacOS 11.3.1 and newer will download Major Software updates as a delta, the ONLY way to block this is with a OS update deferral configuration profile. You cannot defer longer then 90 days.

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