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Hello, do we have any other way to block major os update aside from using the configuration profile (restriction - > functionality then defer for 90days) and restricted software in JAMF? Is there a plist that we can configure and upload or maybe a script to block the OS update and stop it from checking an available update?


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No, no, and its complicated.

  • Plist: OS update deferrals are controlled with a plist, and the values that are supported are 1, 7, 30, 60 and 90 (days).
  • Software Restriction: On macOS 12.2 and older you can restrict install macOS, on macOS 12.3+ Ventura installs as a delta and there is no app to restrict.
  • Its complicated:
    • MacOS Monterey and older: You can still restricted the Software Update Preference Pane. This would lock users out of the primary tool they would use to install OS updates. The workflow on the backend would still function, so its still possible for users to update.
    • Block Apples Software Update Servers on the network side. This would block ALL updates, not just Ventura.

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Don't forget to file feedback with Apple as to why you need to restrict what updates are available.  Apple needs to hear from its customers in order to make changes like what they did fixing the Ventura deferral bug late last year.

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This, This again. The only thing Apple listens to is their feedback. Don't use the website to submit feedback either. Get a managed AppleID, log in to the feedback app. Submit feedback with the app and it will give you the feedback request number, and tie the feedback to your organization. Then email the feedback number to your Apple SE, and push for a voice of the customer to be opened.


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