Blocking HomeBrew(?)

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Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if there is a way to block HomeBrew and/or HomeBrew software/app install commands in JAMF Pro?

there is a way to block apps, but not sure if there is one for terminal command installers.

Let me know.

Thank you


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@juicedaninja A Restricted Software configuration can be used to block a process named "brew" even if it's running from a Terminal shell.

How? I've tested this in our environment, and when running brew commands I am not seeing a process name of "brew" running and also not seeing the restriction take effect.

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@bmack99 I don't have Homebrew installed but I'm going to say it's likely that the brew process completes before the Jamf Pro restriction is triggered. I tested by adding a restriction on the "ls" process, and when I run "ls" in the terminal the command completes before the Jamf Pro message that the process is blocked appears.