Boot Drive Available showing "0"

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In preparation of distributing a large package (mcaOS Catalina installer), I created a smart group with at least x GB available on boot drive. This is explained in a webinar and this article, at the bottom.

I was surprised to not see my own Mac in the smart group. Upon checking, I found that in the Inventory, my Mac was listed with "0" Boot Drive Available. This is however not the case.

In the attached image, I also list 2 Extension Attributes, listing free space in GB. They are defined as follows:

Free Disk GB

FreeSpace=$(diskutil info /Volumes/Macintosh HD | awk -F'[()]' '/Free Space|Available Space/ {print $2}' | sed -e 's/ Bytes//')
GigaByte=$((1024 * 1024 * 1024))
FreeGB=$(( FreeSpace / GigaByte ))
echo "<result>"$FreeGB"</result>"


BootFree=`diskutil info /|grep "Free Space"|awk '{print $4}'`
echo "<result>"${BootFree%.*}"</result>"

Question is why the built-in Boot Drive Available metric shows 0, causing the smart group population to fail... and how to solve it so it displays correctly.



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Hi ,
If you can confirm that Boot Drive Free is selected from the Storage option in your search (as opposed to the Extension Attribute section:


I'd guess the "0" reporting is a bug. While I'm not seeing what your reporting as a current known issue, I'd check your Jamf Pro versioning and reach out to Jamf support directly.


Seeing the same thing here in my JamfCloud environment.

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Out of our cohort of about 1100 machines I'm seeing the built-in Boot Drive Available RAM as blank for about 270 machines, all of which are correctly reporting a Boot Drive Percentage Full. This is also messing up out eligibility criteria for macOS upgrades.

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I am also seeing this. In a report of 137 eligible machines for upgrades (requiring 20 GB space) I see 75 blank for Boot Drive Available MB. I can't reliably deploy to these machines. I can't see a pattern to OS, or hardware that is causing this. Running Jamf Pro 10.26.0