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Hi Folks.

It occurs to me that when we send out emails from JSS, say for enrollment invitations for VPP or otherwise, they come across as austere and suspect. I'm looking for a way to brand outgoing emails, so that it is more clear it is coming from an internal, trusted source and doesn't so much scream "Click on the below link, so I can steal your banking information" (Proper spelling and grammar hints aside :^)

Does anyone have any experience at this, or could send me in the proper direction? Is this perhaps worthy of a Feature Request for HTML templates in email, or is the feature already there and I can't find how to leverage?

Thanks for any assist.


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Hi @signetmac. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're looking for, but when I go to send out either a computer or mobile device enrollment email invitation, I'm able to customize quite a bit of it, including the message in the email, the Sender Display Name, the Sender email address and Subject. You can't add things like company logos or whatnot, which would be nice, but almost everything else about the message can be customized today.
Now, I don't have VPP set up on our JSS, so I don't know if the VPP invitation emails have the same options as the Mac/mobile device enrollment ones do. If not, then that would certainly be worthy of a Feature Request. It should have the same options as the other enrollment invitations.


Thanks for the quick reply @mm2270,

You can't add things like company logos or whatnot, which would be nice, but...

That is exactly what I'm looking for. Perhaps too pedantic, but most IT generated notifications in our company come with some sort of branding... When you are used to as an end user getting communications from internal resources that are formatted visually, with colors, font choices, company logo's and even upcoming event visuals in people's signatures, etc, but then suddenly an email comes down asking you to click on a link that is stripped of all of the formatting you are used to, it raises a mental red flag.

I notice this discussion board gives us the ability to attach images to make a point, as well as specify certain formatting options. I guess I was asking for similar facility in the JSS. I suppose the link I supply could be to a branded wiki, but I was just curious if the facility existed or would be useful to others.

Thanks again!

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Rich Text/HTML options for JSS bulk emails would be a nice feature---
Our users are not used to seeing plaintext 'official' emails, so they do look suspect to them.

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When I tested using email for VPP invitations, I also had the result that the users thought it was SPAM....
The process we have running is using the invitation in Self Service....

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Yeah, I can certainly see what some of you are saying. I guess its good that users are suspicious of emails like that. Better that than they just blindly click on links.
It would be nice to have some html email options for those. Not sure how much work that actually involves to do it though.

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Our Help Desk emails include an image which our users have come to expect when they receive an email from us. The VPP invitation (while modified to include as much information for the user to feel confident it is in fact coming from the Help Desk) without the image, they aren't clicking the link. Having an ability to add an image/logo would be great. Has this been submitted as a feature request?


The feature has been requested

@tuscanot Sorry it took so long to respond to this. Got narcissistic today and looked up my old posts only to find I let this matter drop. If anyone has interest in this feature please click through on the link and vote up.


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This would be great, even a little simple branding would help. Considering we used to send off two emails - 1, a pretty company branded one that told the user "hey expect a second email from us that has x, y, z, it is not spam" - and the 2nd from our JSS or VPP.