Bring CJA Course to west coast

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Would love to be able to take the CJA course but live in California. It would be nice if they offered this course in their Cupertino office and not just Minneapolis.

I was told that maybe if enough people request this, it might be something they can do...

Are there a lot of sysadmins out there on the west that would take this?


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I think the complication around this is that there is a bit of server infrastructure that needs to be set up for them to run the CJA course. They have to have multiple VMs of Windows and Linux servers and load balancers all set up. Its not like the CCA course where you are just running a local copy of the JSS on the Mac laptop they let you use.

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How's about to the EU?

(mind you I've already clustered my JSS).


@bentoms: have you also clustered MySQL or is it just the web app clustering via Tomcat? If you have any information on clustering MySQL that is working for you, please send it over.

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Hi James,

Sorry fella, just web app.


I just recently moved to the bay area... new job has me very busy, but I can answer any questions people have over here. just send me a message or email.

I took the CJA last year, most if not all of the class setup is virtual. I think the issue is getting enough people to attend the class to make it feasible on jamf's end to take it on the road. The session I took consisted of 2 people.

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I am sure if Jamf had one session in the EU once a year they would have enough people to attend.

This is definitely something to consider.

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I've been asking for CJA in Los Angeles since its inception!