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!/bin/bash echo ""$(cat /Library/Sophos Anti-Virus/RMS/MRInit.conf | grep -e "ParentRouterAddress" | cut -d"=" -f 2 | cut -d"," -f 3 | tail -1 | sed 's/.{2}$//')""
!/bin/bash echo ""$(/Applications/M86Authenticator/m86Authenticator -version | grep "v" | cut -d' ' -f6)""
Was just seeing if anyone out there was extensively using Self Service and the number of available policies they had. We require authentication to use Self Service, and all our Self Service policies are scoped to AD groups. We currently have about 75...
We're about to go through a wireless encryption change at one of the campuses, and trying to avoid having to have people attempt to locate 300 laptops on campus. Has anyone had any experience adding a wireless network profile and save into the system...
So I'm in the CCA class this week, and went back to the shop to write my first extension attribute. For those using Sophos with multiple relay servers (we have 4). I know the script isn't pretty. I'm not a scripting guru, but I thought I'd share for ...
One day I was walking and I found this big log Then I rolled the log over And underneath was a tiny little stick And I was like, "That log had a child."
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