build demos with DEP

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I want to create some device provisioning videos.  Back in the day we could use VMware fusion to create a blank OS and go into the settings file and add the model and serial number.

From my understanding you can't do that with the M series devices, which is fine, I have an Intel machine here to use., but I realize that those days are numbered.

Has anybody found a new method or way to do record the whole process?




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DEP works off of Serial Number. If I am not mistaken Parallels still support this. You can also enable screensharing before macOS Activation. 


I have not done this in a really long time, but these are the steps if my memory has not failed me.

  1. Be on the same network.
  2. Before processing DEP.
  3. Hold down Command + Option + Control + T to open terminal.
  4. You should see the Apple Menu, click on System Settings and enable Screen Sharing like usual.
  5. Screen Share to the device and use whatever recording tool you want.


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Since the release of ARM hardware, I've been using a capture card. I bought one for nine bucks on Amazon and use it to capture my builds. I use it in conjunction with OBS. When I need to start over, I just wipe from Jamf and repeat.

This also works:  Screen Recording Options - Dan K. Snelson


I use a capture card for both intel and Silicon. Works beautifully and allows me to capture the whole process. 
From memory you can spoof a School manager/business manager bound Silicon serial in VMware but it you have to match the host hardware with the serial you are using. Ie if spoofing Intel, intel host etc.   

Great JNUC session from 2022 on it as well. I know you've said that you've done spoofing before, but the session did also have some great tips in there to make the process easier. 
Virtual Machines and Automated Device Enrollment | JNUC 2022 - YouTube