Building changes 2 times during deployment

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I have a device that I put in a Prestage Enrollments which defines the location Building. However, later on in the deployment process the building name gets changed again to something else. Can anyone help me identify the different stages/locations that this might be changing. P.S. I have inherited this system from another person that is no longer with the school system.


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That will be down to subnets tied to a building, which is really how they should be used. Of course if the subnets are linked to the wrong building, or something along those lines, you can sort that easily.

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You can also I believe specify the building (along with many other EA values) directly as a parameter when running jamf recon to update inventory.
Something like:

jamf recon -building "Building A"

So if it's not as @marklamont said, then check for manual inventory updates in any scripts being run.

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Thank you. We have 2 connected buildings but I set up the machines in one location. I have removed the building from the network segment since we won't use it that way for the school. I will note the building that it should be located in for our use based on the department (grade). This helps identify what should be sent to the elementary school verses the middle/high school.

Thank you for the suggestions.