Buildings, Rooms and Usernames - Choose a building and room from drop down and assign a username to a computer without JSS

Contributor II

In my JSS > Settings > Network Organization > Buildings, I've created a list of building names. I'm looking for a way to have a policy cause a dialogue window (oascript?) that would allow someone to choose one of those predefined buildings and also give a way of assigning a room number (these would probably be two separate policies?). In addition, I'm looking for a way to assign a username like you can in JSS but would like to do it via a dialogue box outside of JSS. We have our JSS synced with Active Directory (AD) via LDAP. When we enter a username in JSS, it will auto populate other attributes for that account from AD account which is saving us time. We don't add rooms via LDAP because we deploy machines to public areas. These policies would be done by someone that doesn't have access to JSS but will have access to Self Service. This would be something similar to what I was able to accomplish in this Jamf discussion . This may be something that has to be done with using the JSS API's but not sure where to start.