Bulk Unmanage Device ?


I have a group of about 200 devices I need to remove from management.

I know I can do a bulk delete, but this appears to leave the profiles (and wireless certificate) on the devices. If I unenroll a device, this removes the profiles. There is a bulk delete, but I can't seem to find a bulk unenroll. Am I missing something or is this not possible?

I can't just delete these devices and leave our wireless certificate on the device, so I have to remove them from management.



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Any word on this since 2013? I have a need to do this as well.


I'd like to un-manage old devices not seen or heard from in some set amount of time but keep them in the JSS for their inventory records. I don't want to delete them and because I can't find them, I can't un-enroll them. I've now got a heap of them I'd rather not do one at a time manually.
I'd vote for this.

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Your best bet is to get a smart group together of enrolled devices and then do a mass action from that.

If you do some sort of buyout you can mass upload a list of devices present in a CSV to a static device group and then target that static group in a smart group. The MUT would come handy in this scenario.

If you want to unenroll devices that haven’t checked-in/updated inventory in “X” amount of days you could do this with a smart group too.

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Had to do something similar to track Macs successfully migrated to our new Jamf server:

Take the desired endpoints, get their hostnames/Serial numbers in a comma-delimited format (using Apple Business Manager's search field or delim.co), then drop them in the Jamf Pro search box and do a mass action: Edit management account and set the fields blank. It took a moment, but the 175 Macs I wanted to target went from Managed to unmanaged. And confirmed in the Managed/Unmanged counts.

Update, I don't think this works with LAPS enabled. Since upgrading to 10.50+, this method of bulk unmanaging no longer works.