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Is it just me or is the inventory field for "Last Inventory Update" kind of decorative only? We have Macs which are on a shelf in stock and not been online checking into Jamf Pro for months but the "Last Inventory Update" claims they were updated tod...
Hi folks. I'm trying to remove a password from Keychains for an SSID. We use a limited SSID just for device onboarding and occaisional emergency use. We don't want users selecting, using and saving it or its password past the initial onboarding. Usua...
Hi Folks:I've got a workflow that deploys five Config Profiles after enrolment (DEP or manually). It seems that pretty regularly - maybe always - four get deployed just fine and the fifth sits in the list as "failed".Why would that be? It's obviously...
Folks:Before I waste a lot of time testing; has anyone deployed Outlook 2016 O365 settings by config profile? Can we coerce the Exchange payload into having the setting ready and waiting for a user to log in?Thanks!- Scott
Folks:A few times lately we've had Casper Remote stop in mid push with this error. JSS says it's in management, recently inventory updated and checked in recently. I can run Recon on it remotely and I can SSH to it as root and navigate around so I kn...
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