Bundle/Distribute Adobe CC

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Just curious how y'all are handling adobe CC bundling and deployment?

Bundling individually and using SS? making one big package?


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All of the above. We've got some of the more used apps individually packaged. We do group some into the previous style of Design/Web, Master Suite, etc.

SS or pushed is up to the local admins.

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We do it both ways also.

For our labs, we have a package with all of the required apps for that particular lab.

For our student laptops we deploy individually based on our timetable data so that applications are not deployed to students who don't need them. This is all automated, so if our curriculum team move a student into a certain class, the software is either automatically deployed to that machine, or automatically put into self service.


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We have two license across the various faculties (One complete, one containing a smaller subset).
We used the Adobe Package Manager to create a seperate pkg for each license type.
Currently deploying them by pushing a dmg of the pkg out, then running a script locally to install and then remove the pkg.
We went down his route as trying to get it all to happen directly out of Casper was proving to be problematic with different results depending on the target machine.
99% of the installs will be occurring at or just after imaging so the small added time overhead is not really an issue (Installing CC Full install adds about 30-40 minutes on an HDD and 10-15 minutes on an SSD).

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We moved to the Creative Cloud, so we send users CC invites via email through the Adobe Creative console/web app thing. When we image out a new machine, we have a policy that installs the CC app as a stand-alone so that the user can then go in and install the CC apps they want. We use this method https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/article.html?id=161 then scope the policy based on dummy receipts laid down during imaging. We also have CC apps in self service scoped to our Help Desk team so we can log in and install individual components during the computer's initial setup if needed.

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We have created a single base group of applications (ala Design Standard of old) that is used by our designers, with the remaining applications bundled individually. All of these items are in Self Service and are packaged via the Creative Cloud packaging tool.