Can no longer see links to my profile in Jamf Nation when I click my avatar

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It used to be that when I click on my avatar in the top right corner that there was an option to view my profile which shows any discussion posts I've made or comments, or feature requests I've created or voted up.

Right now all I see is

None of those links take me to what should be my profile page. Is anyone else seeing this? I rely on this feature to be able to check on feature requests or easily check back on discussions I may have recently participated in.


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I'm seeing this as well and don't remember when exactly this changed. I just ended up creating a bookmark for my profile, but we shouldn't have to do that. There should be another section that links to our profile, recent discussions, feature requests, etc. At least, they should make our profile image at the top of the dropdown link to our profile.

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It must be a recent change. I believe I used that functionality within the last 2 weeks and I could still access my profile this way. I went ahead and submitted an issue with Jamf Support to see what they said since you confirmed what I was seeing.

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Yup, seeing this as well. I also noticed that I can no longer access my support cases from the avatar drop down. I can still see them under the Support link in the top navigation bar on Jamf Nation, but these also used to show up under my account, unless I'm remembering that incorrectly.
I don't see some of the recent changes as a good thing, and I kind of wish Jamf would leave some of this stuff alone frankly. My guess is this is in anticipation of the new Jamf Account site as announced here.

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@bpavlov @skeenan07 @mm2270 You can now access Jamf Nation Profile via "User Profile" link when you click on your avatar.