can't connect to GSX

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Hey fellas...

While I have the new certificates for GSX from Apple, I haven't loaded them anywhere as I was waiting for the JSS to updated with functionality that supports the new GSX changes.

But I have noticed that I can no longer connect to the GSX from the JSS. When testing the connection I get an error stating

Internal Server Error (500) - Internal Server Error

Is anyone else having problems? Did Apple switch over to the new GSX security features and it's just an incompatibility with JSS 9.73?


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Casper has to update things before it'll work again. So you'll have to wait for 9.8 before GSX will start working again.

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This has been an irritating issue. First Apple required the cessation of use of a personal email account into GSX if you represent a corp or org. That took me weeks of email correspondence w/ Apple support. Then, the need for the external IP to be able to get the WDSL to work took another bunch of weeks to submit for approval on my network. Apple was sending out emails galore to make sure everyone got on board. All I use GSX for is tech info and linking Casper for warranty info. I finally got all my pieces in place after approvals from multiple departments/IA, etc, and my CSR submitted and certs from Apple. I am ready.

I then emailed my JAMF support person about the proper way to load my new certs into our Casper 9.72 running on a Linux VM, only to learn that JAMF is not yet ready for this integration, and will not be until the next release. I really wish there was more support/info on this issue from JAMF to notify us that the GSX connection will remain broken in Casper until the new release.

JAMF, please post when the new version of Casper w/ GSX WSDL support will be ready.

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Jamf has been communicating through this thread -

I enjoyed apple support asking me this week if everything is working yet.. uhm nope, waiting on JAMF release.

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Thanks for the link @CasperSally

it really is a shame that JSS was not ready for this switchover given the way advanced notice Apple gave.