Can't connected LDAP over SSL

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Here's an example of why you keep documentation current:

The test system has LDAP connectivity to adldap.organization through SSL. The CN of the certificate is listed in the web inteface as adldap.organization.

I can't successfully get through the setup wizard on my production system using the Org's Root CA. As far as everyone is aware - it was set up using the Root CA previously.

The Root CA is in the Java keystore on the production server

Jamf's reply was confusing - Article however has the Root CA in it.

Is the web interface simply showing the CA as because it's reading the root ca from that box?

Short version - Why would the internal Root CA not be accepted? It gives - "UNABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE LDAP SERVER
Verify your configuration and try again"

There is connectivity. I verified from the box using an ldp connection .exe utility

The org is heavily siloed so I'm on my own


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I'm not sure I understand. Do you or do you not have connectivity from your prod system to your directory server?

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Prod is set. Online. Properly communicates with Active Directory.

I'm trying to build the test environment. Routing to Active Directory is fine. It continues to give me said error and I'm unsure of why

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@k3vmo did you get this working? We are about to tackle LDAPS, looking for anything to help out