Can't update iPads that are in Share Mode


I know I have seen this somewhere on here but I couldn't find it so I will start my own discussion. Has anybody else not been able to update their iOS on Shared iPads by sending a remote command? The command is successful because I see it show up on my completed commands but I never notice that it updates. I also can't look on the iPad because as a managed ID, you don't have the ability to view Software Updates anymore. So now I can't even do it manually. Anybody else?



Update: My test iPad finally did update. I must not have waited long enough. I think that the User has to be logged out for it to go through. You also can't push out apps while a user is logged in, apparently.

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That is correct - nothing will be pushed to a shared device while a user is logged in.

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When I did my testing this summer I was unable to get an iOS update to work. I sent the command to newly configured iPads, waited, nothing installed. I sent it again and waited overnight, nothing. Another JAMFNation user had it work with no user logged in.. the difference may be that I had never logged into the Shared iPad before trying to update.

Some notes from my testing:
• Apps will uninstall while Shared iPad is logged in, but will NOT install when asked to by MDM. Update Inventory works, profile installs work. If the iPad is Locked and Sleeping, an Update Inventory is Busy, and apps will still not install.
• No quick way to log out? Must lock, press Home, press Log Out.
• NO ability to set Auto-Lock from 2 minutes
• student cannot change wallpaper or move around icons - has to be done with profiles
• PreStage not prompting Location Services...


@cdenesha I have all of the same grievances so far with my testing. Still needs some tweaking in my opinion. Do you know if Apple has the same kind of thing like JAMF Nation where you can go and suggest things?

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There are no WiFi signals when user logged out, cant send any push notifications or remote commands

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I am having this issue now, in 2020.. is there any way to force users to logout on mass scale? There is no "remote command" to log out users to a pool of devices.

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@nickmock in JAMF 10.15 there is a mass action for this and for mass removing users (to clear up space). Haven´t updated to 10.25 yet though so can´t confirm it. In 10.26 there´s the option to alter the number of users allowed to be "stored" on a shared iPad. Same there haven´t seen it live yet though.
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